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Secure Retirement Planning

Estate Planning Optimization

Hard Asset Retirement Planning

Blue Chip Planning offers secure retirement, estate, and hard assets retirement planning.

josephJoseph DeSimone FICF, LUTCF, after graduating The University of Arizona and studying theology at St. Johns in California, started his 22 year career as a life insurance and tax deferred annuity professional in 1992 with a small Catholic/Christian fraternal benefit society. The experience taught him the importance of delivering what was promised to his membership organization based on deep personal values. Also, was the revelation that a true insurance professional is in the business of delivering checks at the time of the death of a client, as well as when markets, in a sense, die and crash regarding client's retirement funds. The insurance company is in business to pay claims and protect members/clients when all else fails. With the above principles, Joseph DeSimone has protected Mom and Dad from disaster due to death, as well as protecting their money from Wall Street and the government's direct manipulation of financial markets with its awesome powers to dictate interest rates and influence banking institutions. Areas of expertise include:

  1. Life insurance to leverage irrevocable trust benefits
  2. Use of indexed universal life insurance to mirror Roth IRA
  3. Index annuity strategies to protect clients from Government market manipulation and risk while protecting future retirement income guarantees on a much higher level of satisfaction
  4. Bonus 162 Executive plans using life insurance and bank money to leverage retirement funds
  5. Repositioning of assets to shelter clients from crippling Long Term Care costs